Headlines: February 22nd, 1999

The Health and Safety Commission has set out its view of what partnership
means with organisations such as employers, unions and insurers.

It says others have good health and safety practice high on their core
objectives, and by working together, all involved would be winners.

HSE Director General Jenny Bacon said: “There are many potential partners
in the health and safety system. We are keen to work with them on how
improved health and safety performance can meet their objectives as well as
meeting ours.

“We are redoubling our efforts to forge partnerships which involve the
wider health and safety community.”

A forthcoming “Way Ahead” conference, on 26 May at the Barbican Centre,
London, will look at future health and safety priorities and how to involve
outside organisations in setting objectives and programmes of work.

More details of “The Way Ahead” conference are available from June Ellis at
HSE on 0151 951 4595.