Headlines: February 22nd, 1999

Nearly 400 GPs, nurses and Community Trust Managers have put in an initial
bid to be part of the second wave of Personal Medical Services (PMS)

These allow primary care to be delivered on a much more flexible basis than
traditional restrictions allow. Successful schemes will receive a share of the 1.5 million pounds earmarked to fund the second wave pilots.

Among the first wave pilots are schemes which include a salaried GP working
with a community nursing team to provide a range of services for homeless and travelling families, a mobile healthcare unit which travels to hostels helping homeless people,
and a one-stop ‘healthy living’ centre where patients can access treatments
and advice on drugs, alcohol, mental health services, and other services
for the elderly, and parents and children.

This last scheme, in Catford in London, has doubled the number of
registered patients in the area.

The make-up of these services varies from partnership arrangements with GPs
and nurses, nurse-led pilots and pilots with salaried doctors employed by a
Community Trust.