Headlines: February 25th, 1999

The Civil Service College Directory for 1999-2000 has been launched, with details of over 450 open and bespoke training and development programmes.
There are 69 new programme titles offering a comprehensive range of training and development opportunities to people in all disciplines, and at all levels, right across the wider public sector. The new programme reflects the Government’s commitment to administrative reform and is a response to the changing requirements of Departments, Agencies and other clients.

The directory includes a new series of development opportunities for today’s women managers. The Women’s Management and Leadership Programme offers a range of six events, covering general management topics as well as specialist and gender specific issues. The programme caters for a wide range of levels – from those about to enter management to experienced practitioners moving into more senior positions.

The College has facilities in Sunningdale, London and Glasgow. It is one of the largest management development centres in the world, providing training for professionals from government, the wider public sector and leading private companies.

Information about the Directory is available from 01344 634556.