Headlines: March 9th, 1999

Young people in Cornwall are getting jobs more easily because the Employment Service and the Rural Development Commission have joined their strategies to respond to a survey of unemployed 18-24 year olds. The survey found, not unsurprisingly for a rural area, that the main barrier to employment was transport. What was surprising was that 49% of respondents listed transport as the main problem.

The Employment Service and the Rural Development Commission developed a partnership and launched an initiative to address the transport issue. The resulting Rural Transport Scheme offers assistance with transport costs for the first 6-8 weeks in employment to young people on the New Deal entering employment. The assistance takes the form of a bus pass, a lift with the voluntary car service or in a taxi.

This help for the first two months in a job helps people make the transition from welfare to work. The initiative has contributed to 1000 young people finding jobs between January to December 1998 and a further 750 taking up New Deal options. The total who started on New Deal options in the period was 2600. This result puts Cornwall at the head of the twelve New Deal pathfinder areas.