Headlines: March 23rd, 1999

Eight pilot projects have been selected to target crime hot spots. The eight police forces will share the 5 million pound budget. There will be a further 12 development projects over the next three years with a total budget of 32 million pounds. The projects will take a problem solving approach to reducing crime with an emphasis on testing new cost-effective tactics. This is part of a 250 million pound Crime Reduction Programme which will also extend over three years.

The pilot projects aim to reduce crime by identifying the real crime problem and then tackle its causes rather than merely responding to crime and dealing with the immediate consequences. It is claimed that this targeted approach will mean that forces should be able to make more efficient and effective use of resources and give better protection to the public by reducing crime and catching more criminals.

One of the pilot projects in the London boroughs of Islington, Camden and Southwark will tackle youth disorder and auto-crime. Through community involvement and inter-agency partnerships the project will target ringleaders and persistent offenders with innovative proactive policing tactics, and divert other offenders from crime and disorder.

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