Headlines: March 29th, 1999

The Modernising Government White Paper promised for Autumn 1997 will be
published tomorrow. The issues it addresses and most of the responses have
been openly discussed by ministers and officials during its gestation and
there are likely to be few surprises.

Cabinet Office Minister Peter Kilfoyle summed up the essence of the vision
for better services as ‘working smarter in a joined up way’. The Paper will
outline how services will be developed in the new millennium, building on a
legacy of steadily improving productivity and better value for money. One
of the demanding challenges will be replacing the ‘stovepipe’ effect where
organisations strive to meet their own targets with little regard to the
impact this has on the end user.

Key elements of the Paper will be joining up government by removing the
barriers between different organisations so they can work together better
to meet policy objectives, and ensuring that services are responsive to
people’s real needs.

The role of new technology will be set out in some
detail and there will be extensive coverage of how it will improve
convenience, quality and efficiency. Sites across the UK, where new
technology is being used in innovative ways, will be open to the media
tomorrow in the hope of securing nation-wide coverage of the launch of the
modernisation programme.