Headlines: April 7th, 1999

Inland Revenue and the Department of Social Security are making practical contributions to joined up government. There is immediate benefit for the business community from the transfer of the Contributions Agency from the DSS to the IR and there will be longer term benefit from a Memorandum of Agreement between the two departments which spells out a framework for collaborative working.

Transfer of the Contributions Agency and its 8000 staff is aimed at reducing the burden on employers. The move will eliminate duplication and allow for better sharing of knowledge among officials who deal with employers. There will be full integration of the tax and insurance contribution system and new employers will receive a pack with all the required information. A newly launched business support initiative includes a helpline and advisors to run workshops and make presentations.

In a drive to improve working across departmental boundaries the IR and DSS have signed an agreement which provides for an open dialogue on strategy and a corporate approach to service delivery.