Headlines: April 8th, 1999

The first joint strategy put together by the Home Office, the Lord Chancellor’s Department and the Attorney General’s Office has been launched. It embraces the total criminal justice system and involves the police, the Crown Prosecution Service, the courts and the Prison and Probation services.

The aim of the five year strategy is to reduce crime, the fear of crime and its social and economic costs. Targets include reducing the long-run rate in the growth of crime and the fear of crime by March 2002.

A supporting Business Plan sets out in more detail how the criminal justice system will be working to meet the aims and objectives in the period up 1999-2000. It includes details of initiatives, such as reducing delay in the Magistrates’ Courts. Most of these initiatives require a partnership approach with all the agencies working together.

Co-ordination of the criminal justice system is steered by a Ministerial group which is supported by a Criminal Justice Join Planning Unit. The Unit is also responsible for strategic planning and performance management arrangements and production of strategic and business plans.

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