Headlines: April 15th, 1999

More details are emerging of the concerted national and local effort to fight crime. With burglaries running at 1.6 million, the UK has the worst record of any industrialised country. The aim of the newly launched Burglary Reduction Initiative is to get this figure down. The Initiative will be rolled out fully next year and will cover 2 million homes in burglary black spots.

The first phase of the Initiative is being used to find out what works best so that next year’s funding can be applied in ways that will deliver the most productive results. Sixty proposals by local partnerships of police, local councils and other bodies have been accepted as pilot projects which will provide learning laboratories for testing out ideas. The projects combine innovative thinking with well tried methods. The methods being evaluated include: targeting known burglars, building profiles of offenders, anti burglary task groups and building information databases.

Learning from the Initiative will benefit local partnerships throughout the UK who began implementing their crime and disorder reduction strategies on 1 April 1999.

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