Headlines: April 29th, 1999

The Modernising government agenda includes a series of workshops where frontline staff give their views to Ministers on the challenges they face. In a workshop in Sheffield Public Service Minister Peter Kilfoyle and Public Health Minister Tessa Jowell explored ways in which standards in long term care can be raised.

Some 20 organisations were represented, including NHS Trusts, local authorities, police, prison service, Benefits Agency and a fire service. Among the topics discussed were the recent findings of government teams looking at how well the long-term care system works from a carer’s perspective. Ideas were shared on how different organisations are working together and on innovative uses of technology.

Long term care is one of the ‘life episodes’ which are being researched to identify the practical problems facing people when they use public services. The other ‘life episodes’ are leaving school, having a baby, becoming unemployed, changing address, retiring and bereavement.