Headlines: May 6th, 1999

The junk fax plague affecting public bodies, businesses and private individuals is about to end. Oganisations that do not wish to receive unsolicited direct marketing faxes can join an opt-out scheme. The Direct Marketing Association has been appointed by OFTEL to run the scheme following competitive tender. This protection follows from the Telecommunications Direct Marketing Regulations 1998 which are now in force. The regulations also protect private individuals and organisations against unwanted direct marketing phone calls.

Protection against junk faxes can be obtained by calling 0845 070 0702 and following the automated answering system. To register for the Telephone Preference Scheme call 0845 070 0707. There is no charge to register because the Fax and Telephone Preference services are wholly financed by the Direct Marketing Industry. Stiff penalties may be levied against marketers who fail to comply.