Headlines: May 7th, 1999

Police forces across Southern Africa are benefiting from the invisible export of UK expertise. The Civil Service College and National Police Training, with funding from the Department for International Development, have collaborated in designing a training programme for police trainers. Earlier this year trainers from African countries completed training which was based on the Certificate in Training Practice syllabus. The successful graduates from this original programme have now worked to develop their own programme of trainer training to reflect the requirements of the different countries. A full scale training initiative has been launched with continuing support from The College and National Police Training.

The College provided technical assistance in preparing for the transformation of the Apartheid Civil Service from 1991 to 1994 and took part in training and development activities for about 75 of the ANC’s most senior officials. Many of the original trainees took up senior positions in the new Government and became Ministers, Ambassadors, Police Commissioners, Army Generals and Directors General in national public service ministries.