Headlines: May 11th, 1999

The Treasury has appointed Margaret Exley to its Management Board. Since 1996 she has been Head of Change Management Communications and Measurement, Europe, at Towers Perrin. Previously she was Chairman and Founder of Kinsley Lord
Management Consultants, which is now part of the Towers Perrin Group.

The Treasury Management Board is made up of seven Treasury directors and is chaired by Sir Andrew Turnbull, the Permanent Secretary. As a non-executive director Ms Exley will bring an outsider’s view. She has much public sector experience and has worked for the Department of Health on performance improvement, advised the Cabinet Office on development of relations between Government Agencies and Departments and the DTI on decentralisation of Human Resource Management.

The Treasury is one of the prime change agents in the Government’s modernisation programme. Funding is being used as a lever to secure change with the Invest to Save budget as a typical example. Bids can now be made by lcoal governement and health service organisations, but they must include innovative proposals for joint working by at least two bodies. Increasingly the allocation of funds is being tied to the change agenda. In pursuing this link between funding and change, the view of an outsider, with change management experience, should lead to better decisions.