Headlines: May 17th, 1999

The Social Services Inspectorate is looking for volunteers from all walks of life in London, the south, the west and the north of England to help inspect the way social service departments provide services for children, older people and people with disabilities.

People from different communities and all walks of life are invited to apply. The qualities inspectors are expected to posses include being observant, methodical and able to represent and support their views. There are no specific requirements for experience, but typically inspectors have used social services, or have worked as carers or have experience in business, education or the voluntary sector.

Volunteer inspectors are part of a team of specialists. Each volunteer is usually needed for up to two or three inspections a year and for up to 10 days for each inspection. People can offer more or less time. Car mileage and other out of pocket expenses are met.

For more details write to: The Inspection Resource Group, Social Service Inspectorate, Department of Health, Room 621, Eileen House, 80-94 Newington Causeway, London, SE1 6EF.