Headlines: May 18th, 1999

The National Advisory Committee on Creative and Cultural Education wants more creative and cultural education in schools. The Committee was set up jointly by David Blunkett and Chris Smith last year to recommend on the creative and cultural development of young people through formal and informal education.

The Committee’s report argues that creativity will be increasingly important
to businesses and the economy in the next century and that the school curriculum will need to reflect this. It recommends that creative and cultural education should be explicitly recognised and provided for in the curriculum, in pupil assessment and in school inspection. Teachers should be trained to use methods and materials that help develop young people’s creative abilities and cultural understanding.

The Committee was chaired by Professor Ken Robinson of the University of Warwick, and its members included the conductor Sir Simon Rattle, comedians Dawn French and Lenny Henry, West Yorkshire Playhouse Director Jude Kelly, and Nobel prize-winning scientist Professor Sir Harry Kroto and Lord Stone of Blackheath.