Headlines: May 20th, 1999

The transition from policy, administrative or professional work into management can often be swift and painful. For the first time, the new manager becomes responsible for the work of others as well as her/his own. The feeling of euphoria is quickly replaced by the stark realities of doing a very different job.

The Civil Service College wants to smooth the transition with a new ‘Introduction to First Line Management’ programme. . The new programme helps managers to discover the nature and scope of the power invested in them by their organisation, and how to use it well. It also helps to get across the message that they have responsibilities to deliver results, and to the individuals they manage. It will help new managers deal with concerns about motivation, discipline, staff development, leadership and communication.

‘Introduction to First Line Management’ next runs from June 14. For further information contact Sue Hurt at the Civil Service College on 01344 634337.