Headlines: May 27th, 1999

The first wave of 11 Health Action Zones launched in April 1998 are showing how joined up working across professional boundaries can deliver results.

Ill health has many causes beyond the remit of the health service. The projects in the Zones include a scheme for prioritising home repair grants for elderly people who are disabled or have a low income for adaptations and improvements; providing information to patients who would benefit from one to one energy advice to support their health care and helping parents to improve knowledge and skills and supporting them in the parenting role. The 11 zones have been allocated a further 78 million pounds to fund activities in the current year.

The recently launched second wave of 15 Health Action Zones have been given 74 million pounds for the first year. Projects being pursued include community health action, regeneration and employment, education and housing, access to good quality food as well as improving health services.