Headlines: June 7th, 1999

Whitehall and public sector organisations are heavily involved in the latest round of Foresight, the programme for looking at the future, led by Department for Trade and Industry. The programme develops visions of the future by looking at possible needs, opportunities and threats and deciding what should be done now to make sure that the challenges can be met. The work of the Foresight Group builds bridges between business, the science base, voluntary organisations and government across all areas and activities.

The programme is helping panels in the Department for Environment Transport and the Regions and the Department for Education and Employment to take forward work on sustainable development and education, training and skills. The Home Office Crime Prevention panel is taking part in the Groups activities and their findings are fed directly into the Crime Reduction Strategy.

The work of the Group is steered by a Ministerial Science Group chaired by Lord Sainsbury.

The Foresight Knowledge Pool, an electronic library of visions, information and views about the future can be seen at www.foresight.gov.uk.