Headlines: June 11th, 1999

Levels of job satisfaction at Employment Service are at the highest since a survey of employee opinions was started in 1988. More than four out of five of employees believe that it is a good organisation for which to work. There is a significant improvement in job satisfaction since last year with more people feeling that there are opportunities to develop and use their skills and abilities.

Key results of the survey are benchmarked against other organisations. Benchmarking shows that satisfaction with the organisation, jobs and pay is equal to or higher than comparison organisations. Benchmarking also shows that the number of employees believing that the “quality of service to customers is improving” is higher than the benchmarked average. This is despite evidence that people are more critical of service quality – possibly reflecting people’s increasing awareness of the Business Excellence Model and the emphasis on continuous improvement.

The Employment Service is an Executive Agency of the Department for Education and Employment. Its 33,000 staff provide a job finders service at 1000 job centres.