Headlines: June 18th, 1999

Public private partnerships are increasingly being used as change levers to support public policy aims. An additional 30m pounds per year is to be made available to assist innovative local government PFI proposals which join up public services.

The new money will create a special pool of resources to support local authority PFI projects which promote cross-agency working. The successful bidder will have to demonstrate imaginative schemes for joined-up service delivery.

Because the quality of the outcomes of the schemes are often integral to the goals of the public body, links are being set up from the scheme to organisational performance. In Dudley for example the contractors fee for an IT project has been linked to improvements in Key Stage test and exam results;

To date 94 schemes have been endorsed from 70 different authorities. They include schools, health and social care centres, depot and vehicles services and IT projects. There is growing interest in partnerships and since April, 60 new proposals for schools have been received.