Headlines: June 18th, 1999

The Integrating Business and Information Systems (IBIS) initiative is to receive 30m pounds from the Capital Modernisation Fund, one of the Treasury’s change levers, to streamline the criminal justice system. The funding will support the integration of electronic links between the Crown Prosecution Service, police and the courts, as well as assisting other agencies involved in the fight against crime in the UK.

The aim is to cut paperwork and speed up access to justice across the Criminal Justice System. Integration of systems will allow electronic case files to be passed between the Police, Prosecutors and Courts and will streamline the management of cases from arrest through to trial and sentence to reduce delays. Significant benefits include the police no longer having to send large bundles of paper to the Crown Prosecution Service, and each criminal justice agency not having to re-key information into its own system.

The money will be available in the form of bids to a central challenge fund.
This will support the best new projects which contribute most to unlocking
improvements in communication links, joint working and innovative business
solutions across the criminal justice agencies.

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