Headlines: June 23rd, 1999

For the first time since OFSTED inspections started in 1993 the number of failing schools in special measures has started to fall. Currently 400 schools are in special measures because OFSTED have found that they are failing to provide an acceptable standard of education. This is about 2% of the total of primary and secondary schools.

The fall has resulted from fewer schools failing to meet standards and from failing schools raising standards faster. Turn round time between 1993 and April 1997 averaged 25 months. For those schools coming into special measures since May 1997, the average amount of time for schools coming out of special measures has reduced to 18 months.

In a move to provide more support for failing schools the Department for Education and Employment has launched an interactive CD ROM ‘Connect for Better Schools’ to share good practice. It contains video clips of case studies from a variety of schools that have come out of special measures.