Headlines: June 24th, 1999

One third of crime reduction strategies published in April by local partnerships of police, councils, other public bodies and community organisations, had no specific outcome targets for burglary and/or vehicle crime. The indications are that in some cases partnerships engaged in abstract policy making rather than seeking to make a real difference to the quality of life.

Because of disappointment with so many of the strategies, Home Office teams are preparing a nationwide visit programme to discuss the effectiveness of the partnerhsip approach to crime reduction. They will look at how far there are effective plans, targets and milestones for crime reduction in each police force, including five year targets for reducing vehicle crime.

In the autumn further visits will be made to selected forces and their crime reduction partnerships. The Home Office will also arrange a programme of training, support and challenge for local crime reduction partnerships.

From April next year Home Office Ministers want to see demanding crime reduction targets for every local partnership and for every police force, both for overall crime reduction and for specific crimes.