Headlines: June 28th, 1999

Partnership working involving public and voluntary sector bodies is delivering results through the Better Government for Older People programme. The programme is being sponsored and steered by a partnership between six organisations which reflect the main stakeholders involved in developing local strategies for an ageing population.
Work is being spearheaded by 28 local authorities who are leading pilot projects, but in all some 300 organisations are involved.

Examples of the pilots’ achievements include: work to simplify benefits claims through closer working between the Benefits Agency and councils; work with a team of business groups to increase the employment of people over 50 and with a local college to promote and run courses designed to attract older people and a joint social and health care rural model to take services to people rather than people having to go to services.

A Learning Network has been put in place so that more local authorities and other government agencies, as well as older people themselves, can share in the best practice lessons from the pilots. It is hoped to involve more than 200 local authorities before the programme ends in 12 months time.