Headlines: July 2nd, 1999

Public Service Minister Peter Kilfoyle has described the Government’s vision of the electronic future that has no place for the E-excluded. An aim of the Modernising government programme is to ensure that the benefits are brought to the whole of society.

He claimed that plans to modernise government foresee every single person having access to E-government and E-commerce systems. This could be from home, from a Post Office, council building or supermarket, or through a local access centre tailored to the particular needs of specific ethnic, cultural or age groups. Examples of the use of technology include the creative use of pictogram and voice guidance systems, and special networked computers. With developments of this type, limited literacy and disability need not be a barrier and the expectation is that the era of electronic government will widen access to government services rather than create a barrier.

Rutland-On-Line is an example of the way electronic government services may develop. The community-based website provides information about the whole range of local services, news and events in the Rutland area. In the longer term, the project aims to link every household in the county to the Internet.