Headlines: July 6th, 1999

The Chart Mark quality award is attracting an increasing number of schools. Because schools are quite different to many other public services such as hospitals or prisons, a special guide has been produced to help them apply for a Charter Mark It has been developed by the Service First Unit in the Cabinet Office, but written by a group of former teachers and experienced Charter Mark assessors.

A new self-assessment framework for Charter Mark , the Government’s award for excellence in public service, was introduced earlier in the year to speed up the assessment process. The Schools Guide complements the main Charter Mark guide for applicants. Popularity of the award is increasing rapidly. There were 508 winners in 1999 compared to 365 in 1997.

Schools that are unsuccessful in their applications will still benefit from their work. They will receive detailed written feedback on their application and get an opportunity to take part in a face to face feedback with an assessor.