Headlines: July 19th, 1999

Community strategies are vital to effective policing of local drugs markets, says new Home Office research.. The research underlines the importance of effective co-operation between the police and other agencies in disrupting drugs markets in towns and on estates. Police crackdowns on drug hot spots need to be followed by place management strategies which seek to modify the environments of drug-dealing sites. The most effective strategies result from partnership between the police and other agencies operating in the local areas. Although the strategies cannot eradicate drug trafficking in the area, severe disruption of the market reduces the level of dealing significantly.

The Home Secretary has also announced an additional 20 million pounds, over three years, to support the police in setting up arrest referral schemes to deal with drug misusing offenders. The schemes are not an alternative to charge and punishment, but and additional option which gives the offender an opportunity to prove a commitment to a new life.

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