Headlines: July 22nd, 1999

A new agreement between central and local government to encourage close working and innovation in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) he been signed by Ministers and local government representatives. The Concordat is intended to supplement a Framework for Partnership, the collaboration agreement between the Government and the Local Government Association.

The Concordat is designed to encourage government departments, agencies and local councils to make a common commitment to work together to exploit ICT for the benefit of the wider community. It is a key strand in delivering the Government’s Information Age Objectives because it will be important to develop a more integrated approach to the electronic delivery of public services. Joining up public services depends to a large extent on technology support.

The Concordat will be put into practice through a new Central-Local Information Age Forum. It will identify a programme of activities in support of stronger central-local co-operation on the ICT aspects of integrated service delivery and advise the Modernising Government Project Board in the Cabinet Office, on its implementation.