Headlines: July 29th, 1999

Move house next year and you may only have to inform Government departments about it once.

The Minister for the Cabinet Office, Dr Jack Cunningham has announced that by December, a single electronic ‘gateway’ will be on test, opening up a range of one-stop shop services.

One example given of how it would work is a member of the public being able to provide information about a change of address to different parts of government in one go.

The commitment is one of 62 listed in a detailed action plan for the first two years of the Modernising Government programme launched following the publication of the Modernising Government white paper in March.

The plan details specific commitments in a wide range of key areas, including new rules to make Government websites more convenient and useful, and an email point of inquiry for all departments. And in a partnership programme with 16 pilot local authorities, a phone line one stop shop service will offer consistent information on issues normally handled by a range of organisations, such as whether planning permission is needed or how best to ensure workers’ safety.

The Cabinet Office’s Performance and Innovation Unit will set out in October a package of incentives and financial arrangements to push departments into working better together to deliver joined up services and tackle difficult cross cutting issues.

The Action Plan is available on the internet at www.cabinet-office.gov.uk/moderngov/1999/action.