Headlines: July 29th, 1999

In an example of joint working – OFSTED has announced a programme of inspections that will give maximum support to Government efforts to improve inner city life.

At the Education and Employment Secretary’s request, OFSTED has included in its next tranche of work all those Local Education Authorities participating in the Government’s Excellence in the Cities programme which have not yet been inspected.

‘Excellence in Cities’ aims to share good practice and provide targeted support to inner city areas. The OFSTED inspection will inform decisions about how that support should be given.

Estelle Morris, the School Standards Minister, said: “Education authorities play a key role in raising education standards in the inner cities. They can make the difference between an education service that really improves the life chances of children from some of the poorest areas in the country, and a system that does little to lift those children out of poverty.”

LEA’s have been included with schools for inspection since 1998 and inspections are conducted in collaboration with the Audit Commission.