Headlines: September 1st, 1999

In a drive to raise the quality of governance in the NHS, guidelines have been published for chairs and non-executive directors. The document, which was drawn up jointly by the Department of Health and the NHS Confederation and is to be published as a Hanbook, sets out the roles and responsibilities and the measures to be taken to ensure their effective performance.

The document highlights the key issues to be addressed in securing high quality governance. It stresses the need to provide leadership and to ensure that the strategic direction of the Health Authority or Trust is in accordance with government policy and the needs of the local community. It places emphasis on ensuring that local and specialist services are run for the people using them and on taking a leading role in developing partnerships with the local community, user and carer groups, Community Health Councils, Local Authorities and voluntary and other organisations that make a contribution to health.

The 472 chairmen and 2279 non-executive members of NHS boards are to receive a pay increase of 2.8%. The last pay increase was in 1991. Link http://www.doh.gov.uk