Headlines: September 3rd, 1999

The work of Daniel Goleman, who brought emotional intelligence to the forefront of developmental thinking, is now penetrating the ivory towers of Whitehall. The Civil Service College is launching two new courses for managers wanting to explore and develop their ’emotional intelligence’.

A course on Dynamic Leadership for middle managers will investigate how emotional intelligence, EQ, relates to IQ and the ways in which EQ is important to career success. Emotional Intelligence for Senior Managers will probe how understanding emotions and their causes and effects in workplace situations, can improve individual and team performance.

EQ offers precise measurements of how emotions influence performance and is seen as increasingly important in the Civil Service. It helps individuals to learn about themselves as social creatures, and explains how their behaviour affects what goes on around them. It is claimed that it helps people to get the best from themselves and their team. Further information from Sue Hurt at the Civil Service College on 01344 634337.