Headlines: September 8th, 1999

Ministers Nick Raynsford and Keith Vaz will come face to face with older
Londoners tonight (Wednesday) to hear exactly what they want from

Both are on the Inter-Ministerial Group for Older People that will be
shaping future policy relevant to Britain’s older population.

The ‘listening event’, at Harrow Civic Centre, aims to allow older people to
inform change and to recognise the contribution they do and can make to
their community.

Harrow is one of the 28 pilots across the UK, led by local authorities,
which are involving older people and improving their quality of life.

Both the listening event and pilots are part of the two-year Better
Government for Older People programme, supported by central and local
government and older people’s organisations, which aims to encourage local
agencies to work together with older people in new ways.

Lessons from pilot projects are being published on the programme’s website
at www.bettergovernmentforolderpeople.gov.uk