Headlines: September 22nd, 1999

Probation Services have been successful in attracting and recruiting high
levels of minority ethnic staff, a new Home Office study reports today.

The report follows condemnation by a similar report earlier, into the Fire

But ‘Race Equality: Developing Minority Ethnic Representation in Probation
Service’ does not present all good news.

It indicates that, while recruitment is good at lower levels of seniority, a
lot needs to be done to ensure retention and career progression for minority
ethnic staff.

The report makes 22 recommendations for action and proposes an
implementation plan which should help the service achieve targets for
minority ethnic representation set in July this year to ensure Home Office
services better reflect the communities they serve.

Innovations to be explored include piloting career assessment centres for
minority ethnic middle managers, a national mentoring scheme for minority
ethnic managers, and a study into retention and career progression of
minority ethnic staff, leading to development of a national strategy.