Headlines: September 23rd, 1999

A practical example of tackling social exclusion has been backed by the
Government as one of the key ways the Government will deliver its new pledge
on poverty.

Neighbourhood Renewal Minister Hilary Armstrong said Centrepoint’s
initiative on tackling youth homelessness in County Durham was one of those
projects which made a real difference to people’s lives.

The Government is determined to stress the tangible nature of improvements
sought in its paper ‘Opportunity for all – tackling poverty and social
exclusion’. The Conservatives have criticised it as ‘woolly and lacking

The targets set by the document include a reduction in the proportion of
children living in workless households and/or low incomes, a reduction in
the numbers of children living in poor housing and achieving poor standards
at school.

The full report and summary are available on the Internet. Internet address:

Hilary Armstrong was in County Durham to launch Centrepoint’s regional
development report on the housing and support needs of young people in the