Headlines: September 27th, 1999

Partnerships between state and independent schools have been so successful they’ve won praise, and funding from the Government.In an example of how far New Labour is prepared to put ‘what matters is what works’ before old Labour ideology, School Standards Minister Estelle Morris has announced that such partnership will be bolstered with grants of up to four hundred thousand pounds during 2000- 2001.

Ms Morris said ‘We have stressed on a number of occasions that partnership in education is the way forward. I am particularly encouraged that these partnerships are very much an indication that barriers which once existed between the state and independent sectors appear to be a thing of the past.’

The Government has published a “Case Studies” booklet describing good practice in action in Independent/State School partnership projects. Among the examples is a partnership in Wakefield between the local education authority, two independent and three maintained secondary schools. Activities are focused on stretching more able pupils, with the independentschool partners offering academic support and maintained schools offeringexpertise in music and drama.