Headlines: September 28th, 1999

A programme to give multi agency support to parents of children with behaviour that could lead to crime will be launched next year with a 30 million pound budget. . Factors such as low parental supervision, siblings in trouble with the police, truancy, exclusions, poor school performance, behavioural problems – and in particular multiples of these factors – are associated with future offending.

Research evidence shows that if the right sort of support is provided early enough and consistently enough during a child’s development, behaviour can be steered away from crime, and health and educational prospects will improve. The programme aims to get at the causes of crime and it will seek to ensure that children with warning signs receive support.

There will be up to 40 pilot schemes to find out what works best. They will include home visits by health visitors and/or trained parents offering advice and support, parent support and training focussing on techniques for encouraging positive behaviour and structured pre-school education focusing on “child initiated” learning.

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