Headlines: October 4th, 1999

The plan to introduce super nurses to the NHS and pay them 42,000 pounds per year is moving forward. Local health service chiefs have been asked to identify opportunities to establish nurse, midwife and health visitor consultant posts. Detailed guidance has been issued which will ensure that all posts conform to a common core of expectations, ensuring national consistency. Job descriptions will be designed at the local level and tailored to the service and field of practice in which they are established.The nurse, midwife and health visitor consultants will spend at least 50% of their time working directly with clients, patients or communities. They will also provide professional leadership and consultancy to colleagues,
contribute to the education, training and development of other staff, and undertake practice and service development, research and evaluation.

The new career opportunity will help retain the most experienced nurses, because they will no longer need to consider going into management, education or other jobs to develop their careers and improve their salaries.