Headlines: October 5th, 1999

A poll of councils has revealed a continuing resistance to the transfer ofcouncil houses to independently run trusts.A Housing Today survey of a hundred Labour housing chairs or spokespeople showed that across the country those who would need to implement the policy are still to be convinced of its worth.

Councils are being encouraged by Government to transfer their stocks of council houses to a trust which would have more freedom to finance the backlog of repairs required at many rundown homes.

Despite the record transfer programme, 70 per cent of the councillors said they expected to keep their housing stock under council control. The result is the same as a similar poll more than two years ago and shows there has been no change in attitude despite the evidence of what’s happened in those towns and cities where the transfers have gone through.

Experts in housing say that if the uphill struggle of persuading councils to adopt stock transfers can’t be achieved, the Government will need to explore other routes like PFI and resource accounting

Link: http://www.housingtoday.org.uk/