Headlines: October 6th, 1999

The Government is attempting to join-up services to single homeless people by switching funding across departments.

Responsibility for resettlement funding for England – except London – will be transferred from April 2000 from the DSS to the DETR working with the Housing Corporation.
The move follows recommendations from the Government’s Social Exclusion Unit and consultation with bodies concerned with homelessness.
The Government sees the move as one of the ways of achieving its target of reducing the numbers of rough sleepers by two-thirds by 2002.
The money is used to give temporary shelter to people seeking work, tied to an active programme aimed at finding a permanent alternative.
The resettlement funding for London has already been transferred from the DSS to the DETR. From April 2000 the Housing Corporation will administer the funds on behalf of the DETR.
The Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly will have full responsibility for resettlement funding and its administration by April 2000.