Headlines: October 6th, 1999

The Information Age Champions have launched their own website to disseminate news of what they are doing to define a corporate IT strategy for the Government and civil service.
More than thirty board level managers have been designated as champions of information age government within their departments or agencies. There are also representatives of the NHS and the Local Government Association
The Modernising Government White Paper issued in March 1999 ordered the corporate IT strategy to focus on the needs of citizens and business and encourage wider choice in access to public services.
The strategy will maximise the benefits to both central and local government of a co-ordinated approach to information technology and procurement.
The Information Age Champions website will provide key information on new initiatives, updates on activities, members and their departments, and working groups.
Alex Allan, confirmed last month as the Government’s first e-envoy, is one of the champions.
Link: http://www.iagchampions.gov.uk/tor.htm