Headlines: October 7th, 1999

Electronic information points have been set up in supermarkets around the country in a pilot scheme using touchscreen technology to provide information on local childcare provision, employment and training in the early years sector, benefits and family support services.It is part of the Government’s drive outlined in the Modernising Government White Paper to use technology to make public services more accessible to people. It also supports the employment policy of providing joined-up information about work, childcare and benefits in one place to encourage take-up.

Local information on childcare will be supported by Childcare Link, a national information line, and each site is due to have its own website.

Among the pilot sites are Tesco in Feltham, Middlesex; Asda Hypermarket, Newcastle-upon-Tyne; and Safeway, Cambridge.

In Sheffield a similar service will appear in street-based kiosks in prominent city-centre locations in the coming months.

The link to the Feltham website: http://www.ff-backtowork.org.uk Cambridge: http://www.opportunity-links.org.uk