Headlines: October 12th, 1999

Surrey Local Education Authority has signed a contract with 3E’s Enterprises that will allow the company to take over King’s Manor School, which has failed to perform over a number of years. The Education Authority has argued that it could not provide support to put the school back on track and so it turned to the private sector. The company’s innovative proposals aim to put the school, re-named King’s College, back on a path to success.The venture, which will involve private sector investment, will be driven forward by a partnership between the headteacher, school governors and the Authority. A charitable trust has been set up by 3Es to hold the property of the school and to appoint foundation governors.

3Es Enterprises Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the City Technology College, Kingshurst, and is its commercial wing. 3Es have agreed that any surplus money arising from its involvement with Kings’ College will be ploughed back and divided equally between Kings’ College and Kingshurst City Technology College.