Headlines: October 19th, 1999

An extensive study into the attitudes of young people to public transport has revealed that there’s a major selling job to be done to make it a first choice of transport when they become adults.Even though many young people use the bus to get to school, many expect and want to drive cars when they are older. Use of trains is not high by young people and also fails to figure in their plans.

Young People and Crime on Public Transport was commissioned from Crime Concern by the DETR.

The report highlights how young people, though often seen as the perpetrators of problems on public transport, share the concerns of other age groups at getting caught up in violence or trouble.

It also shares the experiences of operators and regulators in raising awareness and promotion of public transport.

And it recommends using the study as the basis of producing a consistent nation-wide package of measures to prevent misuse and encourage use of public transport.

Link: http://www.mobility-unit.detr.gov.uk/ypc/index.htm