Headlines: October 20th, 1999

Town planners are being asked to change their thinking on transport issues when deciding where major developments should be sited.A Government draft revision of planning policy guidance places much more emphasis on how proposed public buildings or large employment sites are served by a range of transports, not just cars.

It also introduces the concept of maximum-size car parks, rather than minimum, as now. It’s now thought that minimum-size rules leads to over-provision of parking, which actually encourages car use.

It’s a step further down the road towards reversing the trend of the out-of-town shopping centre – previously acceptable so long as fields of land were available close by for covering with Tarmac.

The guidance builds on the integration theme of the Transport White Paper published last year.

The draft revision to Planning Policy Guidance note 13 (PPG13), is open for consultation until early in the New Year and available from DETR Free Literature: telephone: 0870 1226 236; fax: 0870 1226 237.