Headlines: October 21st, 1999

Civil servants and everyone who knows and works with them is being asked to feed into the biggest consultation exercise ever undertaken by the service.Every one of more than 460,000 employees is being asked to take part in discussion groups, staff magazines, phone-ins, surveys and internet debate.

Ministers, Parliament, partners in local government and the wider public sector, key opinion formers and the media are also being consulted about the way the service works.

As the Civil Service gears up to meet the challenge of reform outlined in the Modernising Government White Paper, staff are being asked whether the service’s current values and vision are still relevant.

The service’s vision statement is to ‘help make the UK a better place for everyone to live in, and support its success in the world.

Its values include acting with integrity, propriety, and political impartiality, putting the public’s interests first and achieving results of high quality and good value.

Staff will be able to send their responses via their departments or through the Cabinet Office website at www.cabinet-office.gov.uk/civilservice/21st_century, or by e-mail to CSReform@cabinet-office.x.gsi.gov.uk.

The Modernising Government White Paper set new challenges for the Civil Service, including delivering close working with devolved administrations, integrating with EU policy-making, cross-boundary working and creating a more innovative and less risk-averse culture.