Headlines: October 27th, 1999

Public bodies will now be able to subscribe to Publicnet Briefing through a five year news and information framework contract arranged by the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency. The contract brings the benefit of aggregated procurement power to give value for money and government terms and conditions. This is the first time news and information services have been included in a government framework contract.The contract represents a breakthrough in bringing down the barriers between the different areas of the public sector and between different professional groupings. News and views are being increasingly gathered from a wide range of people across the public sector and the opportunity to share knowledge and good practice with a wider audience will support the aim of cross boundary working.

Framework contracts have also been set up for services such as video conferencing, call centres and infrastructure services. Suppliers of services include: BT, Compaq, Racal, Siemens and Vodafone.

CCTA plan to introduce an electronic register of services where purchasers can browse and place orders. In the longer term this may develop into a Government Shopping Mall.