Headlines: October 28th, 1999

More funds are to be made available from the 250m pound Crime Reduction Programme Budget to tackle burglary blackspots. Some 60 projects have already been launched under the Burglary Reduction Initiative to find innovative ways to defeat burglars.Crime reduction partnerships of police, local councils and voluntary and community bodies are being offered funds to mount a new phase of projects. The amount of funds available will depend on the number of burglaries in the last three years multiplied by 100 pounds. It is planned to fund about 200 projects which will start in March 2000.

The aim is to reverse the long-term rise in crime by identifying, and then rolling out on a national basis, the most cost-effective approaches to reducing crime. It is expected that eventually the initiative will cover approximately two million households in England and Wales. Lessons learned from the Initiative will also be of wider benefit to all local crime and
disorder partnerships seeking to improve their own anti-burglary strategies.

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