Headlines: November 3rd, 1999

Local councils are making an early bid to be key deliverers in the Transport Bill expected in the next Queen’s Speech.The Local Government Association, which acts on behalf of local councils, is arguing for legislation that sets out to solve transport problems at local level.

Councils argue that efficient transport, available to all and environmentally sustainable is of crucial importance to the achievement of local authorities’ aims as community leaders.

In the run up to the next session of Parliament, the LGA will be pressing Ministers to introduce legislation that empowers them to reduce traffic congestion.

It will also seek new arrangements to improve quality and integration in local bus services, through partnerships and contracts between local authorities and bus companies, and a requirement that the new Strategic Rail Authority work in partnership with local government and to consult local authorities on the decisions it makes.

The statement `Integrated Transport: the Local Government Consensus’ is available on the LGA website at www.lga.gov.uk/lga/transport/newway.htm