Headlines: November 15th, 1999

Efforts to get better value from the money spent on non medical education and training are being hampered by a lack of information. There is no price tag because the cost is unknown. The Audit Commission has suggested that the figure is: “more then 1b pounds”.Health Authorities and Trusts are set to launch local audits in the autumn of next year to find out what resources are being committed to education and training. Armed with this information they will then look at how training and education is lined up with business plans, health improvement programmes and national policy and how efficiency and effectiveness can be improved.

The Audit Commission has recognised indications that efficiency and effectiveness are not maximised and believes that there is scope for improving planning, management and delivery of education and training. In a move to pave the way for local audits the Commission will carry out value-for-money studies in the next few months and feed the findings to Health Authorities and Trusts.